I always looked forward to listening to my mother’s bedtime stories as a child. In fact, I refused to go to sleep without hearing one. It never mattered if the experiences she shared with me were somber, funny, romantic or even tragic. What made story time special was that my mother would expose me to different people I could have never imaged on my own. 

Realizing stories are sewn into the fabric of our lives, I became a journalist in the hopes my words could inspire others to embrace the unknown just as my mother’s had inspired me to do the same.


My experiences as a multimedia investigative reporter have shown to me just how much of our planet remains truly unseen to the common eye, and I am eager to use my role in the media to shed light on these unexplored realities.

I have been fortunate enough that my journalism career has taken me not only across the country but also across the globe, from rural Oklahoma to the streets of Beijing, to NYC’s Rockefeller Center and Guantanamo Bay’s infamous Camp David ...

So where I am now? Back in the United States, preparing to start my job as an NBC News Associate this fall. Be sure to stay tuned and to follow my latest adventure. 

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As a journalist, I hold myself to the highest standard. Read about some of my awards here.


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